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Bil Bryant
April !2, !981 - February 1, 2016

"It means the world to me to be a small part of the movement"


BiO is more than just apparel. It's a constant reminder to never give up & to always be your own biggest fan no matter what life throws your way. Life isn't always easy. BiO can be our everything when we feel like we have nothing left.

Daniel is dedicated to his commitment to inspire others. His story speaks to this desire as he is transparent about his personal journey in an effort to encourage others toward their goals. His perseverance is to be admired.

BiO Gives Me Nothin But Strength.....BiO Automatically Relates Me To Invictus...I Thank Whatever Gods May Be For My Unconqerable Soul....LOVE...#STAMPED

When I first saw the "BIO" line come up on my Facebook feed, I thought, that's a cool design, I would wear that. So having known the owner, Daniel Megeath, for a long time I reached out and wanted to help support the line and him. I had no idea what BIO meant but I found it at the perfect time in my life. I was going through some adversity in my personal life and having a tough go of it! After talking with Daniel and finding out the meaning and concept behind the brand I knew this was something I was meant to come across and that I had to support. My "One" was my newborn son. And I was going to do anything and everything I had to, to make sure he was taken care of. This isn't just a clothing line or a way to make money. This is something this man has lived through and is passionate about! If you take the time to talk and listen to Daniel, what he has overcome in his life, and his positive outlook, you will come to believe anything is possible if you "Believe In One"!

You have always been a good person you have a huge heart . You are very courageous and have a strong mentality which I have the upmost respect for. My life has been very rough and I have never given up or thought about giving up, always push it to the limit and I see that in you. I like to see good things happen to good people especially in a small town like ours with so much negativity surrounding us. I believe you get out of life whatever you put into it . Keep it 💯 and B.I.O!! #Strive4Mine247

"BIO is having confidence, dedication and team work. BIO is a brand that I will always support. Without BIO you have nothing."

BIO is a story and a message the world is thirsty for. The simple message transcends age, gender, life style, and passion! The world thirsts for this message so I say drink it up!

Hands down, BiO is the real deal.

BIO is a 1st class organization whose dedication to their craft is untouched. Their unwillingness to develop, design, and create is what keeps bringing us back to partner with such great people. Their CEO Daniel inspires us all through his life trails and tribulations to always keep fighting for what you believe in. The NOVA Hawks are a proud member of the BIO Family. #BelieveInOne #hawks4life 

I gotta say, BiO...the brand, has made an impact in my life. The experiences Daniel has gone through is an influence to others in life, including me, showing us that even during our tough times or thru pain, we can be strong knowing there is a light ahead. Sometimes the people we meet in our life can make a difference, as with Daniel. 'Believe In One' builds that confidence, reassuring we can always believe and succeed just by believing in the One; you define ‘One’. I’ve proudly worn the ‘Self Motivated’ tee and believe it or not, the energy it gives motivates me even more, as I proudly show others that they too can be self-motivated. Thank you, Daniel!!! #GeniLee

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Motivational Stories : TOUCHED BY BELIEVE IN ONE


Words from David's mother, Kathy:


"It was a beautiful spring day on the soccer field back in 2007 when suddenly my five year old son, David, went down on the field complaining that his leg hurt. At the time, I as his mother was privileged enough to be coaching the team and I told “Little D” to have a seat on the bench. I brushed David’s complaints off to growing pains as did the pediatrician, but as time went on and David continued to be in pain, I knew it was more.  Over the course of a year, we consulted with several doctors and specialists and finally David was diagnosed with having Legg-Calve-Perthes in 2008 by Kluge’s Children’s Hospital at UVA.


David underwent his first surgery at seven years old where five holes were drilled into his ball joint to generate blood flow because the bone was deteriorating. David has always had big athletic dreams with the hopes of playing football, however his medical condition prohibits him from playing this particular sport due to the excessive running and extreme contact. David remained positive and was (finally) medically cleared at eight years old to participate and play baseball. David faces barriers on a daily basis of constant pain, limited mobility, the use of crutches, a wheelchair or a walker and the list goes on.


A recent surgery in 2014 alleviated some of David’s pain by cutting his femur bone while rotating his leg and hip and will need to undergo a third surgery in the fall of 2015 to remove the plates and screws. While we do not know what David’s future will hold for the progression of this disease, what I do know is this kid is a fighter….a warrior. He has faced obstacles and challenges that no child should ever endure. He has remained positive and hopeful when things were bleak. He has encouraged me when I should’ve been encouraging him. Not only is he my son, but he is my role model, my inspiration, my every breath of life!


He has shown me what it takes to be courageous and strong and no matter what, this kid will have a bright future because he has the drive and motivation to beat the odds and make anything happen! I know this to be true because David is surrounded by a group of compassionate, loving individuals that have supported him thru this difficult journey. One of these influential people happens to be Daniel Megeath, founder and CEO of Believe in One (BiO). Daniel has been one of David’s biggest supporters by providing him with words of encouragement, uplifting messages, urging him to never give up and above all, providing David with a valuable and lifelong friend. BiO has been a positive outlet for David and has given him the confidence and willpower to make the best of his life and what he has been given.


As I close I am reminded of David’s words of encouragement, “Mom, don’t think of the worst….think of the best and remember I have it better than others and you should be glad for what I can do and for what I have.”