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The Founder

Believe In One is a company, a motivational brand, a logo, that derived from a personal experience…an experience that left the founder, Daniel Megeath, questioning life and its value.


At 17 years of age, he was seriously injured in a car accident that resulted in the loss of his right eye. It changed his views on the world around him and he used the fire and passion inside him to find more, be more, create more and contribute more to the world around him.


At the age of 26, Daniel created BiO…Believe In One…with the intention of creating a platform that spreads a positive message, motivates others, and serve as an outlet for those that want to dig a little more out of life.

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The Story

“Going through challenges in life allow us to find out what we’re made of and how we respond to them. I had to change the way I figuratively and physically saw everything. Being active in sports, I had to learn this new lacking level of depth perception and rely on other senses to figure out how to move, essentially. I would misjudge the ground and stumble into a slight ramped area and could almost fall off of an inch-high, raised area. That came with a lot of embarrassment and doubt aside from walking around with an exposed eye socket for months in my last year of high school. I went through it all from being welcomed back to being called Cyclopes. There were many days where I didn't want to live anymore and begged for the nightmare to end. These times were the beginning stages of what I needed in my life to flip the switch.”


Needing more out of life, Daniel searched for something greater and started to figure out his ability to deeply connect with people. It’s almost as if he can see their thoughts, feel their pain, or knows a way to help. 


Applying his learnings and experiences, it was time to officially brand his movement. 


BiO was born. 


In the beginning, BiO was centralized and associated mostly in athletics and athletic training. As the brand has evolved, it has been able to reach people all over the world, in all walks of life, through our apparel messages, motivational material, community efforts, and our continued commitment to being "more than a logo". BiO has been labeled as an art, an experience, a way of life...

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Iron sharpens iron so if I've inspired you, if you can relate to my story, have a story of your own that you want to share, or just want to talk...Shoot me/us a message. We'll respond ASAP!

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