2021 BiO Brand Trailer Premier

Since it’s inception in 2012, the BiO brand has been a source of motivation, inspiration, empowerment, inclusion, passion, and love. We’ve reached an audience all over the globe. It hasn’t been easy but it has been worth it.

Just like our message, we like to keep pushing our limits and know no boundaries. If it looks like it’s “too hard”, we say “watch this”. If it’s been said that it “can’t be done”, they can ask us how we did it. we’ve seen the “impossible” happen time after time and we don’t intend on stopping here.

With that being said, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to put together the ultimate video experience to showcase what our brand is all about.

The 30+ second trailer was directed and produced by our founder, Daniel Megeath and the spoken word voiceover was written and immaculately delivered by Black Los aka Carlos Beauford.

When the video itself was done, there was only one person we had in mind to deliver the message and that was Black Los. We had taken the project to him in Baltimore, MD and went over some ideas to see if it was something he was connected to. He asked to let him process it for a couple weeks and see what he comes up with. We let it simmer. A few unforeseen things had happened that shifted our focus and energy so the project was on hold for a couple months.

Then one day, it all clicked.

The final product was sent over and there was no looking back. It was everything we had talked about, dreamed of, hoped for, and really exceeded all expectations.

Before you watch it, know that it all tells a story. The opening scene sets the tone of struggle, pain, frustration, defeat and even failure. We all go through these times no matter the magnitude. The storm symbolizes all those feelings raining down…pouring out…causing what could be our destruction if we let it. When we choose a different narrative and go dance in that rain, embrace the storm that’s shaping us into what could lead to making us a better person for ourselves and others.

You’ll feel the adrenaline, determination, exhaustion, triumph, as well as the victory in this project.

When we sat down to get Daniel’s thoughts once the project was finished, this is what he said…

”When we started this project, we had just entered a global pandemic. We felt like we had two options, shut it down or elevate. As you can see…we chose the latter. It took a lot of work, a lot of hours, patience, and persistence to make it all come together. Every scene and it’s placement has a meaning.

The intro and outro especially are a version of myself. There’s been many many times when I‘d think that the pain will never end…the task will never get done to the standard that I want…therefore “I’m not good enough” or “maybe it’s not meant to be”…those are all things we have to push, claw, and fight through. The bigger the idea, the bigger the frustrations. On the other side of that thought though, the bigger the reward once we get past the obstacles.

I had to have the basketball scenes in there since the game has been a staple in my entire life. It shows the image of “working solo, in the dark” to later playing at a high level in a packed arena.

As far as the outro, that’s a powerful visual to me. I’ve had to exit a room like that many times and might have even entered the room like that a few times. To me, that symbolism can mean to things…”HERE I AM” or “THERE I GO”. I’ve been labeled, ridiculed, scrutinized, belittled, underestimated my entire life. There has to come a point that I finally get up and walk away, never looking back or I have to throw the doors open and say “here I am, like it or not”.“

In closing, we hope you can appreciate the message and hard work we’ve all put in to make this happen. We hope this helps you in your journey as it has ours. If you’d like to help us out, please share it as many times and places as possible! We greatly appreciate the continued support!

And now…

Our feature presentation…

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