Megeath Brings BiO Message To Moss Academy

BiO Founder Daniel Megeath was a guest coach and speaker at the 2019 Moss Academy hosted by former NFL wide receiver, Santana Moss. When we asked Daniel about the experience, he stated "it's a different level of focus and dedication out here".

"The coaches are out here working like dogs so it's only right for the kids to follow suit. This academy has a military feel to it by teaching incredible discipline, brotherhood, unity, leadership, teamwork and self confidence. Being around the leaders and coaches in the academy makes my energy rise as well so I'm able to turn it up a notch when running drills or speaking to the kids. Great things can happen when you're part of a team that has a deep passion for teaching, success, and "hunger for more" and that's exactly what this camp represents...paving the path and sharing the formula to reach a level of excellence"

The kids ended up taking home some BiO tees for answering some questions plus they all got BiO bracelets that say "Be A Voice, Not An Echo".

"Hopefully I was able to make an impact on someone with something I did or had said. I always seem to be "just another speaker" until they see me in action a little bit then they find out I'm out here doing it with one eye and zero excuses. That's the message I want to instill in our youth...things will be extremely hard in every aspect of life but how bad do you want it? What sacrifices will you make to earn your spot at the top?"

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BiO is a motivational brand, a story, a message...a message that tells us we are worthy enough of our dreams, to pursue our passions, and do it all out of love. The simple message is something we can all relate to...BELIEVE...even if you're the only ONE who does...GO GET IT.

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