Moss, Megeath Bring Inspiring Message To Front Royal, VA

On a cold Saturday afternoon, an energetic crowd packed On Cue Sports Bar and Grill but had no idea they'd be getting a little more than they asked for.

Front Royal resident and founder of Believe In One, Daniel Megeath, brought a friend to On Cue to shoot the latest video and podcast. That friend happened to be Redskins legend, Santana Moss.

The purpose for this event was to bring something to the town that's rarely, if ever, seen. Inspiration...especially from a name like Santana Moss. "I want to keep bringing these types of things to my hometown", Megeath said. "I always wanted to see these types of things growing up and never had it so why not be the one to bring it to reality?"

Things have come a long way since BIO was founded in 2012. "In one of the first BiO events that involved NFL athletes at the time, Robert Henson and Darrel Young, we spoke to a crowd of maybe 20 people" Megeath said in a segment of his speech. "And now we have a packed restaurant of 160-170 people".

Santana shared some deep, personal thoughts and stories about his childhood, home life growing up, and what it took for him to be the football player that he was and how it shaped into the person he is today.

The Front Royal community related to the message of the day in many ways.

"I've been a resident in this community most of my life. I've always wanted more for myself as well as the people around me. I realized that if I wanted to see something happen, I'd have to create the platform to do so. I've teamed up with athletes in various sports to put together motivational talks/workshops, we've done sports camps hosted by those athletes, I've been a personal trainer and also a coach in this community for quite some time and have covered enough ground and have been in these trenches long enough to see and hear all the positives and negatives of the area. Even in doing all of that, I still felt like I wasn't able to reach my true potential of giving back to those who need it most so I began substitute teaching. Being a substitute teacher allows flexibility in scheduling so I can still work on the overall BiO brand mission while being an everyday face and listening ear to the students." said Megeath.

Moss vouched for Megeath by saying even in his own hometown, when he was in the early stages of his grind, he was overlooked by many. Megeath had mentioned in a segment that people did't really believe in him until a few pro athletes started speaking up for him. "The reason Daniel (Megeath) has become more than a fan to us is because we see his drive...and anyone who hears his name should follow and support what he's doing because he's onto something" said Moss in support of the movement of Believe In One.

You can see part one of the podcast here...

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