"Patience Is Power" Message Propels Olympic Swimmer

I first learned about Believe In One (BiO) gear at this year’s NBC 4 Expo in DC. I loved the brand name, because I believe we are one. I chatted with Daniel (CEO/Owner BiO) and Boo Jackson (BiO Athlete). After sharing my goals with them I found the perfect shirt with a message I would carry with me to every practice.

Patience is Power on a mermaid blue tank.

That was the only one in that color and size. It spoke to me and it’s brought so much meaning to me since that day. By being patient on my journey I have seen so much power and growth in my transformation.That by being patient a whole new you can emerge. This shirt became my mantra to every practice. When I would get frustrated I would take a breath and say patience is power and continue past any feelings distracting me.

This brand is more than a clothing line. They are taking positive affirmations and placing them on pieces of clothing, giving there buyers hope to believe. Building a positive community around youth and athletics being the change they wish to see in the world. If you’re looking for a clothing line that inspires you daily and is making changes in the community. Check out Believe In One! The motivation you will receive once you purchase is priceless.

Sarah Mergoddess Bofinger

Currently training for 2020 Olympics in swimming

Sarah Bofinger


Professional Athlete/Motivational Speaker


Instagram: Mergoddess11

Twitter: Mergoddess1

Facebook: Mergoddess11

Youtube: Sarah Bofinger

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BiO is a motivational brand, a story, a message...a message that tells us we are worthy enough of our dreams, to pursue our passions, and do it all out of love. The simple message is something we can all relate to...BELIEVE...even if you're the only ONE who does...GO GET IT.

Based in Virginia, USA

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