Megeath Talks "Growth Mindset" To WCMS Students

When Warren County Middle School decided to have their first-ever pep rally for the students at the newly built school, they knew who to turn to to deliver a powerful message the kids will never forget. The goal of the day was to discuss growth mindset and how it can make a difference in everyday life. Something that BIO owner, Daniel Megeath, knows all too well.

Megeath knows how to capture the attention and shift the room's energy. He entered the room with a bang by coming out to his own theme music which he produced and was written by his fellow brand-mate, Carlos Beauford. The song is called "It All Starts From Something" and expresses confidence in ones self and the will to overcome any and all obstacles.

Daniel has been working many platforms for many years. He started to carved his own path in 2012 by getting started as a personal trainer. He took the physical traits of a trainer, mixed it in with "the power to overcome" mentality that stemmed from his own life stories, and that was the beginning of BIO aka Believe In One. Megeath has taken on many roles in order to spread his message throughout his local community as well as a global community. His story is one that can resonate within all of us no matter what the individual backgrounds or interests are.

The talk covered many areas such as overcoming negativity and hardships, the importance of believing in one's self, why it's important to keep fighting through life's pressures even when we feel like we can't, what can happen when we surround ourselves with the right people, to name a few topics.

The kids really tuned in when Megeath started talking about the loss of his eye and what it took and continues to take to keep pushing. In a room of 600 +/-, you could hear a pin drop. Daniel explained how it has changed his life in many ways. He had mentioned at one point for the kids to cover one eye and walk, run, play basketball, reach out to shake someone's hand, or simply reach out and grab something off of a shelf in order to see how depth perception is affected. Feeling incomplete in certain areas can shatter our confidence and self-esteem. Daniel tells his story in hopes to be an example of no matter what your circumstances are, you can rise up and be anything you want to be with the right focus, dedication, and determination. He's living proof.

At the conclusion of the talk, Megeath, with the help of a few school staff members, tossed out BIO gear to the crowd. Even after the event was over, Daniel stayed for the rest of the school day talking with the kids and handing out shirts all over the school,

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