Who would have thought that a quiet kid from a small town could grow to make a worldwide difference? Very few. I happened to be one of those few.

Only I didn't know HOW.

The roller coaster that we call life can bury us if we let it. Sometimes it seems as if we don't even have a choice but to fall, and fall hard.

We then have the choice and ability to either stay down or RISE UP to prepare for the rest of the journey in a stronger manner.

I believe that every experience, positive or negative, can teach us great lessons about life as well as ourselves.

Everyone deals with things in different ways but we all need some kind or escape, relief, or something to channel positive thoughts in our mind.

I've had some extremely difficult times to overcome in my life that continue to play a part in who I am today.

When most kids were being "typical kids", I was dealing with adult-type issues when I was only in elementary school. While most kids are able to have some "mental freedom", I was worrying about things going on outside of school. My household was full of fighting. Relationships were strained all around. I had to go see a lot of doctors for stomach issues caused from stress when I was in 4th grade. A few years later, my grandmother, my best friend, my encouragement, my everything, was diagnosed with cancer and passed away too soon after. Two weeks before my birthday. I was a passenger in a car accident that resulted in my right eye removal a few years after that with two months of high school left to go. My grandfather unexpectedly collapsed and died the day before my 21st birthday. My one and only child, my daughter was born a month after that. My other grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer and eventually passed away as well...again, two weeks before my birthday. The list can go on an on...

With all the negative that happens, with all the scars that are carried that go along with those circumstances, we still are expected to "move on". Moving on isn't always easy. For me, in fact, I've never really "healed" from any of it but I did have to make a choice to keep going. Keep trying. Keep searching for something bigger and a better purpose for myself. With that being said, I knew I wasn't and am not the only one who goes through these tough times. I had to find a way to reach out and help others which essentially helps my own healing process as well.

I realized I needed a customized platform since I seemed to be unfulfilled at the "regular jobs" that I had. While those jobs were great, I felt that I was too damaged, too deep, too complicated, and my true skills were being underutilized in that capacity. One of my prized skills is the ability to connect with people and I wasn't able to do that in limited settings. When those jobs just weren't working anymore, I found myself lost when I was updating my resume. Asking myself "where can you work that will help you do what you're truly good at?". My answer was quick. My answer was ""nowhere".

So I started my own thing. BIO. Believe In One.

It started with the core values of the company. Then the logo sketches. Then the actual logo graphic. From there, it needed something tangible; something we can actually touch and remind us all to "keep going". That thought process led to the birth of the motivational clothing line.

I've taken my stories, experiences and gear all throughout the athletic world, youth to the pros. Athletics and physical activity have always been an escape for me so I gravitated to that crowd first, naturally.

I've always loved music and have been dabbling in music production for quite some time too which has helped connect me to some of the industry veterans.

The Believe In One brand has been worn by people in various walks of life from military units, to athletes (youth to pro), music artists, teams/businesses/organizations, as well as "regular" individuals all over the world that just love and feel the message.

This brand has enhanced my own life in many ways and has proudly made an impact on so many others too. No matter how hard things are, no matter how hard you think it's going to be to carry on, it's always too soon to quit. We have to keep going. believe In yourself. Believe In those around you even if you see no reason to. Believe in whatever is going to help you get through your storm. Use that energy to bounce back stronger,

Believe In One.

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BiO is a motivational brand, a story, a message...a message that tells us we are worthy enough of our dreams, to pursue our passions, and do it all out of love. The simple message is something we can all relate to...BELIEVE...even if you're the only ONE who does...GO GET IT.

Based in Virginia, USA

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