"Loyalty" From Virginia to New Zealand

It's always special to make a new friend, to reach a new market with the brand, and even better when you do both at the same time. We've successfully fulfilled an order to our new friend, Alistair Banks in New Zealand.

Alistair is a collector of Kevin Garnett cards but there's a twist...only the rare ones...ONLY the ones serial numbered "21 of XX". His collection has been featured in Beckett magazine (link below).

Alistair had reached out to me months ago about my story with Kevin Garnett and we've stayed in touch ever since. When Alistair recieved his "Loyalty 21" BIO Hoodie, I asked him to send me something motivational, something that's unique to the New Zealand culture, something that expresses the meaning of what the BIO brand is truly about and he replied with the following:

"For 13 years I have had a passion. From a place closer to the South Pole than America I have collected. I’ve collected one player. I’ve collected one number. #21. From a rugged, beautiful country where rugby is a religion and basketball is Steven Adams and tumbleweeds,

I’ve collected Kevin Garnett, and only #21. Always #21. One goal. Every card has his number on it. 21/1000, 21/500, 21/21. Always #21. I’ve stuck at it a long time. Two hundred and forty seven times, a #21 card has been shipped across the world to me in New Zealand.

It is the biggest jersey numbered basketball collection in the world. I won’t ever see my idol KG play basketball.

I’m resigned to the fact I won’t ever get to meet him, but when I heard Daniel had, and read his story, I had to reach out and at least talk to someone who had.

Kevin Garnett played with a passion that Daniel gets. That I get. KG saw that passion in Daniel, otherwise he never would’ve gotten off that bus to meet him.

When I heard Daniel had made KG a customised sweatshirt with ‘Loyalty 21’, I had to ask...

“Any chance I could get one?” There are three of these in the entire world. To know Daniel, myself and Kevin Garnett have the only three means everything.

I believe in Dan, I Believe in One. I will always believe in #21. Kia Kaha Daniel – Stay Strong."

These stories and connections are what this brand was built for and these connections are what make us stronger than ever. We are honored to be a part of your life.

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BiO is a motivational brand, a story, a message...a message that tells us we are worthy enough of our dreams, to pursue our passions, and do it all out of love. The simple message is something we can all relate to...BELIEVE...even if you're the only ONE who does...GO GET IT.

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