Redskins Running Back Debuts Latest BiO Gear In Training Camp

Our friend Chris Thompson, running back for the Washington Redskins, took some time after practice to show off our new "Patience Is Power" shirt.

Chris is entering his fourth season in the NFL and has been wearing BiO from the very beginning of his pro career. He took to his Instagram account to state that "Patience Is Power is something I've had to live by on this NFL journey."

I, personally, always root for Chris because I see how hard he works and the true professional he has really become over the years. I asked how he feels about being the 3rd-down back or the number two option and he said he "loves his role because it helps with his longevity in the league".

We're anxious to see what the new season has in store!

Side note: Chris wears this gear and promotes our message to inspire the people around him, our communities, and our youth and is in no way gaining anything financially from wearing BiO. He's completely focused on what he has to do as a human being and a teammate so please don't get the wrong idea! Thanks for your consideration.

To get your "Patience Is Power" shirt, follow the link below:

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BiO is a motivational brand, a story, a message...a message that tells us we are worthy enough of our dreams, to pursue our passions, and do it all out of love. The simple message is something we can all relate to...BELIEVE...even if you're the only ONE who does...GO GET IT.

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