July 8, 2016



We as people all have common ground. Common interests. Common feelings. Common thoughts...

Correct me if I'm wrong but we all want to feel and be a part of something. We want our lives to count, our voices to be heard, and our overall quality of life...to count. 

In a world...a country...a nation...a community...a neighborhood...a household...races...religions...cultures...where so many people are divided...but we people...aren't that different. 

We have to stand together. As ONE. 

We have to love each other. Protect each other. Help each other. Consistently. 

It will set the ultimate example. Iron sharpens iron and positivity breeds more positivity. 

We can only be responsible for ourselves. Do your part and be an example. You never know who's life you can influence...

I created BiO for many reasons. One reason was so that we could wear a powerful message and spread positivity without saying a word. I get stopped every single day about whatever message is on my chest that particular day. The stories that I encounter and the genuine uplift that surrounds this brand is very special. I invite all of you to be a part of Team BiO to witness it for yourself!

Believe In One. 



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