OWNER, Daniel Megeath, Meets Kevin Garnett

Covered by news outlets around the world... (See this) read the full story below about how founder, Daniel Megeath reached out to one of his heroes after beginning the BIO brand and gaining the experience of a lifetime!


I've met a lot of athletes over the course of my 30 years of existence. NONE will EVER compare to this…

Kevin Garnett has been my favorite athlete in any sport since he came to the NBA in 1995 straight out of high school. I was 10 years of age at the time. I was drawn to him for being different that anything I'd ever seen before. He walked different, moved different, acted different than any player I'd ever watched. KG carried himself with such pride and passion, not only for the game, but the way I saw him with his teammates and the ones he cares about. He seemed to lift up every soul that he was around (unless you were an opponent!) with such love and intensity towards the bigger picture.


My love for basketball started early. My grandma was my family's original basketball fan. Being from Virginia, she supported local programs such as UVA and Georgetown. She was especially a fan of Patrick Ewing which of course was my favorite player too since I worshiped the ground she walked on. Kevin Garnett was the first player that I picked on my own. We watched Knicks games together, we watched Timberwolves games together, we shared so many great memories through the game of basketball that will be forever instilled in me. My grandma, Laura Davis, was diagnosed with cancer and soon passed away in July of 1997 at 63 years of age and less than two weeks from my 12th birthday. My world was taken from me.


The only thing I had left, in my mind, was basketball. With Patrick Ewing on the back end of his career, Garnett was the one I put my strength into to carry on without her.

Following her death that summer, I tried to pick up the pieces by trying out for my school's basketball team (Warren County High). It didn't work out as I had planned. I missed the final cut. No one knew what I was going through prior but the coach said to me, "Do you know why a lot of kids tryout for basketball?

"Once again, I thought my life was over but once again, Garnett was the answer. "

On February 8th, 2003 I was halfway through my senior year of high school when I was a passenger in a bad car accident. The accident left my right eye so severely damaged it was no longer any hope that it'll be back to normal. Now it's a case of, do we remove it now or wait a week or so and see if anything changes. I let the doctors know that I want what's best for my health, so keep the eye if I can use it again. I woke up February 9th to the news that the eye had to be removed. Once again, I thought my life was over but once again, Garnett was the answer.


I was out of it all day but that night, I was able to be aware for the first time all weekend…just in time to watch the NBA All-Star game. The stage was set to send Michael Jordan off in the sunset and it would only make sense for it to be Jordan's night since it would be his last All-Star appearance. KG had other plans…


["Garnett scored the first seven points in the second overtime, including a three-point play, to lead the Western Conference to a 155-145 victory over the Eastern Conference in the 52nd All-Star Game. He scored the first points of the game, a jump shot off an assist from San Antonio's Tim Duncan just 13 seconds into the contest, and nearly closed the scoring as well, recording the second-to-last basket for the West, a dunk with 47 seconds remaining. 


"Garnett led all scorers with 37 points — the most in an All-Star Game since Michael Jordan scored 40 in 1988 — including a 3-for-3 effort at the free throw line, adding nine rebounds, three assists and five steals in 41 minutes. He tied an NBA All-Star Game record with 17 field goals, matching Wilt Chamberlain (1962) and Jordan (1988)."

Because they don't want to go home". Initially I was offended, in hindsight, he was probably right.


I ended up transferring to a private, military school (Randolph-Macon Academy) and making their basketball team. In my mind, I had just gotten a scholarship because all I wanted was basketball. I wasn't the guy that hung out with my teammates or be the center of attention. I was very quiet. I was there to play ball so I could escape the realities of my personal life. I loved every minute of the three years I played for their JV and Varsity teams. After that ride was over, I wanted to go back to my old school system to graduate with my friends. I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish.


He was named the MVP of that game.

Daniel Megeath, Owner - Believe in One

I felt like he was playing for me even though he didn't know it. I was as happy as I could be in the state that I was in. It seems that for every high or low in my life, KG has been doing something parallel at the same time to keep me going. When it was time to get my prosthetic eye, I had the doctor paint Garnett's number on the top of the eye so I could keep him with me in a unique way. I knew there would be a day that I could tell him. ​


Since then, I started a motivational company called BiO. BiO stands for "Believe In One". Believe In One, to me, means to believe in that one thing that keeps you going, to motivate you to be the best person you can be, believe in the things that give you peace and happiness. My "ONE" is my grandmother that passed away. My "ONE" is my one and only daughter. My "ONE" has been you, Kevin.

"I knew it was going to be a special night for all of us. That was an understatement…"

Earlier this year, we added a new member to our BiO team, a guy from my home area and now Denver Nuggets point guard, Erick Green. Erick solidified his roster spot early last week so we wanted to go show our support for him as soon as possible. We all looked at the schedule and saw that the Nuggets home opener of the season will be hosting KG and the Timberwolves. The scramble begins.


Got our plane tickets, Erick secured our game tickets and backstage passes, and we were in business! We left DC Thursday morning (Oct. 29) with nothing but a duffle bag containing BiO Gear for Erick, two of my personal Garnett jerseys, and a BiO shirt for KG…just in case.


My nerves were on edge all day Friday (game day). All I could think of was the pride in coming to see our friend Erick Green on the big stage and my personal pull to Garnett. I knew it was going to be a special night for all of us. That was an understatement…


The teams take the floor for warm-ups so we went to the floor to greet Erick and went back to our seats. It was time for player intros so of course I stood and showed my support for both Green and Garnett. Once that was over, there was a moment of silence for Flip Saunders, the Timberwolves head coach that passed away a week prior. I watched Garnett the entire time as we all paid our respect. I saw his head down as he wiped tears from him face. I knew what Flip meant to KG and that moment moved me to tears as well.


After the game, I tried to get to Garnett since we were seated close to where he had to exit, I couldn't get there in time. Strike one.


We waited in the corridor for Erick to come get us to go in the back near the locker rooms. Erick was on a mission to help me but knew he couldn't be in the mix looking for or hanging around the opposition. He quietly asked around to some staff members to find out if KG is still around after most of the visiting team had already strolled through. It wasn't looking good. Erick hung around as long as he could before he had to leave for his team meeting so he opened the door to leave and he saw the T-Wolves bus…with KG sitting in the back. I figured I'd see them drive out at most. Strike two.

I was disappointed but still was prepared to show my support, even if it was as simple as waiving to him. I took out one of my jerseys and waived it to get his attention. Garnett noticed. He waived, saluted, beat his chest, and showed his appreciation. I thought that was it…

Then I heard my friend and business partner, Christian "Boo" Jackson, say to me, "He's getting off the bus, he's coming man". I knew my opportunity was here so I had to make sure I didn't let my nerves get the best of me. Garnett got off the bus with a smile and greeted me like we've known each other forever. We small-talked talked briefly then I told him that I'd been waiting 20 years to meet him and travelled from DC to Denver for this current meeting. He was very appreciative and then I asked him, "Where were you on February 9th, 2003?" He paused and asked me the date again…


He said, "I was in the All-Star Game!".


I said, "I know, I was laying in a hospital bed watching you after I was in a car accident that nearly took my life.".


I told him about what he has done for my life and how I carry his number on my prosthetic eye and his demeanor changed. We talked more about it and he opened up a little about his current situation in dealing with the loss of Coach Saunders. Both of us were in tears by this point. He insisted on signing anything I had for him to sign and he expressed his respect by writing "LOYALTY" on the Wolves jersey and "The Big Ticket" on the Celtics. He also wanted to take a pic together holding the BiO shirt I brought to him. 


He told me he'd definitely be in touch after I gave him my contact info. I had a text from him before I even made it back to our car that read: "It was real meeting you. KEEP GOING…KEEP INSPIRING US WITH ALL YOU DO AND CONTINUE TO DO. IT'S LUV BRO…lock my number in. Pleasure to meet you. -Tic" with an attached picture showing him wearing the BiO wristband.

I felt a weight lifted off of my soul with all of that taking place. There was people around us in tears and cameras flashing but it seemed like there was only two people standing there with time frozen. Next to my daughter being born, this will be one of the greatest moments that I'll ever experience.


I expressed my thanks to Erick Green for helping this happen and he replied, "I know it was a big moment for you but in all honesty, seeing that moment of you and KG had a big impact on my life and showed me it's bigger than basketball and how much you impacted his life".

Daniel Megeath, Owner - Believe in One - Kevin Garnett
Daniel Megeath, Owner - Believe in One - Kevin Garnett bus

My girlfriend, Jaime, who took these photos, shared what she had witnessed, "Being told “He’s already on the bus” didn’t stop Daniel from walking out to the secured area where the bus was parked. Within seconds, Daniel spotted Kevin Garnett thru the tinted bus windows. His head was down, he had his headphones on and he was clearly settled in his seat in the back of the bus ready to pull away from the arena. Despite that, Daniel persevered. He anxiously stood outside the bus and held up one of Garnett's Timberwolves jerseys. Within seconds, Garnett stood up, dropped his belongings and made his way off the bus.

Daniel Megeath, Owner - Believe in One - Kevin Garnett Hand Shake

These two men met at the front of the bus, exchanged a handshake/hug and didn’t let go of one another. They instantaneously began acting like they had known each other for years and began talking as if nobody else was in existence or within close proximity. Their level of engagement was something that I had never witnessed before. It was completely natural, genuine and unscripted. In fact, nobody could've written a more beautiful script for this encounter. Although I couldn't hear the words exchanged, I felt the emotion.....the power.....the appreciation.....the admiration. Once they were in tears, everyone else was in tears. It was beautiful, just beautiful because the men displayed that it's more than a sport. It's more than being a celebrity. It's about the bigger picture. It's about human emotion and the impact one individual can have on another without truly knowing. Denver will forever be a memorable trip with an impact that will be felt for many years to come." 


Christian Jackson told me, "I just love seeing you happy, D. I know you're always a second away from breaking. I'm just happy to see you happy." "I believe this trip was life-changing for all of us. I believe in coincidences, however, this is no coincidence. It was destined and couldn't be made up."


My now 9 year old daughter saw the pictures, video, and jerseys you signed for us and was so excited. She saw me cry tears of joy when I looked through everything with her and she knows how special it is to me which makes it special to her.


Kevin, not only have you been a driving force in my life, you've now impacted some of the closest people to me. You didn't have to get off that bus. You didn't have to listen to me or follow through with your word that you'd hit me up. But you did. You've enhanced my life…for life…and I appreciate everything you've done over the years and all it took was to be yourself. I was watching. You helped me through situations when I had nothing else to turn to. You told the world that "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE", I heard you and believed you. You're everything I knew you would be and I appreciate you beyond words. Before we parted ways, you told me "life's too short" and it is, so let's do something with this. This isn't a "weird fan" obsessing over your stats and living through your life, this is your friend on a mission to change the world.

Walk with me, Kevin. 


"The ones who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are the ones who do." - Steve Jobs

*Quoted from http://www.nba.com/timberwolves/news/garnett_allstar_mvp_030209.html]

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After meeting KG in Denver, it only makes sense that I go to the game when the Wolves come to my home-area to play the Wizards at the end of the season. I had gotten tickets the week after that trip to secure some seats right behind Minnesota's bench for that game so I sent Kevin a message letting him know my excitement. 


Since Garnett wasn't suited up to play in this game, he didn't come out of the locker room until right before tip off which initially had me wondering if he made the trip. After the player intros, he took his seat behind the team, looked over and gave that "KG salute"...


Later in the third quarter, I see Garnett and the gentleman next to him, which was obviously someone close to him and/or the team, talking and pointing in our direction. I didn't know what they were up to but I figured it was for a good reason...


The gentleman KG was talking to got up and started talking to the arena security and then made his way over to me. Introduced himself and said that Kevin wanted us to stay after the game and get a picture with him..."is that ok?" He asked. "Do you know KG?"...


That's when it kicked in again. As a kid, I always wanted to be able to answer a question like that with an emphatic "YEP!" and the time has arrived. It also gave me I feeling that "I've arrived". 


It gave me a sense that everything I had worked for came to fruition. 


Security had us wait until the arena cleared out and someone came to get us before allowing us backstage. 


Fifteen to twenty minutes go by and we finally see a long, tall silhouette walking out of the back towards the court which could only be one person...


We picked it up as if we see and talk to each other everyday. I had a BiO hoodie custom made for KG that had "Loyalty" across the chest with his "21" attached that I delivered to him with a matching BiO hat in Wolves colors as a token of my appreciation over the years. 


One of the greatest parts of the whole thing is to have the priceless video footage to keep me inspired and remember that ANYTHING really is POSSIBLE...not that I ever doubted that fact but everyone needs a little validation sometimes. 

Kevin Garnett Posted this to Instagram after the game...