Motivational Speaker | DANIEL MEGEATH

How can the quiet kid in class become a motivational speaker and inspire people of all walks of life? When he realized he had a unique story to tell, there was nobody better to tell that story than himself.



 School aged kids are at a very impressionable time in their life where they're trying to find themselves while figuring out where they "fit in". They see. They listen. They just need someone in front of them that can show them the way while also being relate-able to what they're going through. 

business groups

 Starting and running the BiO business at 26 years old, the highs and lows have all been my own to experience first-hand. From a blank slate, to creating a logo...a vision...a plan...into something that has made an impact on so many people in so many different cities, states, and even countries, is a remarkable story.

Sports teams

 With experience as an athlete, trainer, and coach, I know what it takes to get the job done on and off the athletic stage. Doing it all with one eye makes the audience appreciate the message that much more.

college students

We turn up the intensity and cut down the rest periods with these workouts. The Boot Camps are usually held outdoors so you can be prepared for anything!These are the more hands-on/interactive type of workshops. These groups are usually working on ideas of their own and have current, fresh takes on what they would contribute to the brand if the opportunity arises. And most of the time, someone gets that opportunity to implement an idea or a project they'd like to bring to life.

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